We are the Sacred Recovery Tribe.

We've Created

… An invitation to align the body, the mind, and the spirit
… A space for personal discovery and transformation
… An opportunity to THRIVE not just SURVIVE
… A chance to transform from a human DOING to a human BEING.
A collective where we can all come together, as soul seekers, and make some magic along the way.

We Love

… Connection
… Sacred space
… Creative expression
… Living authenticity
… Creating Community
… Rigorous honesty
… Organized chaos
… Courageous vulnerability
… Self-Care, self-care & more self-care
… Breakdowns (Breakthroughs in disguise!)

We Have

… an insatiable desire for helping others
  A simultaneous sense of humour and grace
… a sacred connection with ourselves, fellowship, community and our higher power
… The ability to recognize “negative” experiences as powerful lessons for growth and self-discovery
1 part Addict + 1 part Codependent = A balanced ability to relate to all aspects of addiction and recovery

Sacred Recovery Tribe – Founders & Facilitators

Lisa Nixon Sacred Recovery Tribe

Lisa Nixon, CPC, CPRC, CNRC, Sound Therapist – Intuitive Ninja / Sugar n’Spice / Good Cop

Lisa is a Codependency & Nutritional Recovery Coach in Victoria, BC and is a person in long-term recovery from co-dependency. She has over 10 years of experience in the field of addiction treatment. She is passionate about creating sacred space and living authentically. Don’t be fooled – it’s not all cupcakes and rainbows with her (although she does love them so) she is an intuitive ninja who loves helping people remove what no longer serves them. She is a Body Image Movement Global Ambassador, and is passionate about spreading body love and acceptance. She was also founding member of the Recovery Day Movement on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Unlike her counterpart she has an exceptional relationship with technology (in a past life she may or may not have been a graphic designer and multimedia specialist). Her skills in this department are ancient but they helped create what you are reading “on the line” today. Lisa offers individual coaching sessions, sound healing treatments, and workshops.

Alter Ego: Sultry Songstress
Character Defects: Skeptical, Submissive, Thrives in Chaos
Assets: Wise, resilient, fearless ally – will make you midly uncomfortable with her penetrating gaze
Loves: tie-dye, being proven wrong & live-looping
Style: all of her favourite things, all at the same time
*aka Josie’s mum

Lucy Price, BSW – Spiritual Gangster / Straight Shooter / Bad Cop

Lucy is a counsellor in Victoria, BC. She is also a person in long-term recovery from substance abuse and addiction. She has over 10 years of personal recovery and 10 years of combined professional experience in counselling and addiction treatment. Her holistic, straight shooting approach to healing is invaluable. There are no pink clouds here – just downright, blow your mind wisdom and experience. Lucy specializes in substance abuse treatment, trauma and spiritual development. Lucy was honored as the You Unlimited Woman of Mentorship and Leadership for her active participation in her recovery community. She is a spiritual gangster with plenty of street cred, wit for days, the healthiest boundaries this world has ever seen and an absolutely terrible relationship with technology.

Alter Ego: Stand Up Comedian
Character Defects: Over-commital, Impatient, Controlling
Assets: Relentless advocate, unapologetically authentic & compassionate – says no like a boss
Loves: Pizza, debates & Feminism. Preferably all at the same time.
Style: Dark & mysterious
*aka Stella’s mum

Lucy Price Sacred Recovery Tribe

Sacred Recovery Tribe – Inspirational Recovery Advocates

Regan Spencer – Recovery Ally / Creative Extraordinaire / Soulful Sister

Regan is a writer, filmmaker, and person in long-term recovery who believes wholeheartedly in the healing powers of storytelling. She is dedicated to fostering connection and community, holding space for people to be exactly who they are, and teaching healthy ways to nourish oneself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Making life sacred, satisfying, and soulful is Regan’s mission, and some of her favourite ways to go about that are music, yoga, Tarot, hugs, and salt water (ocean and tears can help anything!)

Alter Ego: Dorky Professor
Character Defects: Chases shiny objects, falls in love too quickly, forgets she’s human and not a cat
Assets: Dreamer, ambassador of peace, fierce advocate of naps
Loves: Math, playing like a kid, Otis Redding
Style: Queen of power clashing

Regan Spencer Sacred Recovery Tribe
Mikaela Mamer Sacred Recovery Tribe

Mikaela Mamer – Recovery Advocate / Inspirational / Fearless Ally

Mikaela is currently studying addiction at McMaster University. She is a person who is in long term recovery from substance abuse and addiction. Mikaela has worked in the field of addiction for several years and is a mentor for women in her local recovery community. Mikaela is also a passionate recovery advocate who has been featured in numerous media publications. She has been sought out for her work and most recently accompanied Premier Christy Clark to Ottawa to meet with Federal Health Ministers concerning the opioid epidemic. Mikaela lost her best friend and boyfriend to the disease of addiction and has used her pain to bring awareness of addiction and recovery to the world. She has spoken at schools and events, one of the most memorable being the Youth Action Day. Mikaela was incredibly moved by the students engagement and active listening. It is because of these experiences she feels inspired to continue speaking out about addiction recovery. Growing up as an elite athlete and losing it all to addiction, Mikaela courageously shares her personal story of pain, strength, and hope, allowing for people to relate to her. Her unwavering passion and love for the recovery movement is contagious, it is impossible not to feel inspired by her resilient spirit!

Alter Ego: Soccer Superstar
Character Defects: Bleeding heart, rigorously honest, off-beat humour (at least she laughs at her own jokes)
Assets: Courageous, resilient, passionate – did we mention her passion is contagious???
Loves: soccer, physical fitness, cake
Style: sporty-classy-comfy-spice


{ Tribe } – \ˈtrīb\ noun.

Definition: a group of people that includes many families and relatives who have the same language, customs, and beliefs; a large family; a group of people who have the same job or interest.*people = humans and animals.

See also – collective, fellowship.

Josie Manyhairs – Spiritual Guru

Josie is a 2 year old rescue dog from Burns Lake, BC. She is the reason for Lisa’s sanity. She specializes in self-care, deep meditation and sacred pause.  She volunteers full time as a self proclaimed team guru. She has had plenty of experience in her 2 years of living on planet earth – she started volunteering as a therapy dog at a residential addiction treatment facility when she was only 3 months old!

Currently working on: Co-dependency, separation anxiety, and getting Stella to like her. (aka doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result).

Stella Luna – Tribe Elder

Stella is a 12 year old dog who knows what she wants out of life. She specializes in self-care, grooming and being in charge of everything all the time. Her past experience includes being in a leadership role for her entire life. She currently volunteers as a therapy dog and cuddle specialist at a Recovery House in Victoria, BC.

Stella is currently working on: re-enforcing boundaries, establishing dominance and constantly telling Josie she’s not interested.

Recovery is a sacred journey. Healing is a sacred art. We are sacred.