We recognize the need for more resources for those seeking help for addiction

We see our recovery as a gift + we are committed to a social change model.

We believe that working as a collective community, we can truly make a change. At Sacred Recovery we give you the opportunity to contribute to the recovery of others, while taking exceptional care of yourself.

We donate

10% of all proceeds towards programs and resources for those suffering from addiction

We offer

sliding scales to cultivate diversity and make our offerings accessible to all income levels.

We spend

10% of our time volunteering in our community

An important part of justice is access + we stand for leveraging our privilege to support others.

Items Donated

Hours Donated

Dollars Donated

{ Service } – /ˈsərvəs/

Definition: being unselfish; doing something for someone else without expecting any reward or gain; a very important part of making a community; support based on mutual respect; social activism.

See also – volunteering, fellowship.