For the month of March we will be highlighting some of our Mentors and teachers for our Sacred Mentor series. We are so honoured to share with you today our beloved Willow Kelly.

Willow Kelly is a musician, minister, seeker of wild places, death midwife, shadow-stalker, lover of the Greenbloods and the Wyrd. She is a music-making, mischief-conspiring priestess of transformation and have been teaching magic internationally since the mid-90’s. In her words “A skeptic and a mystic, seeking a glimmer of understanding into this ocean of ineffable wonder that I inadequately call Spirit.”

Willow is a death midwife and caregiver. She also facilitates experiential, transformational classes, workshops, intensives, restoratives, rituals and rites of passage  with the common threads of authenticity, presence, collaboration, responsibility, and transformation.

Some of her favorite tools and practices include the ecstatic vibrations of music, energy, play, movement, theatre, devotion, living rituals, sound, and the exploration and integration of shadows. Willow’s extensive training in the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft, the Dances of Universal Peace, the Whirling Dervishes of the Mevlevi Order of America, Middle Eastern drumming techniques for trance and energy-raising, and other mystical traditions informs her practices and teaching styles.

We are so honoured to have Willow as one of our teachers of all things sacred. She has taught us so much about honouring our intuition, guiding trance, and following the rhythm of our souls. Please visit her page at

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photo?credit Kate Simon Lifestyle Photography