For the month of March we are highlighting some of our mentors and teachers for our Sacred Mentor Series. We are so honoured to share with you today our beloved Ravenna Sóley.

Ravenna Sóley is an artist, witch, and priestess. Dedicated to creating her art from the sacred acknowledgement of its foundation in ritual, she seeks to break down the barriers of artistic discipline to create something new and unprecedented through acts of spiritual devotion. Her work is at it’s best, a collaboration between the body and its senses, performing on the body like a welcomed hallucination.

She is the founder of internationally recognized artist collective Source Material, under which she premiered two notable original works: A Thousand Tongues (at the Theatre Olympics/European Capital of Culture in Wroclaw, Poland) and of Light in Reykjavik, Iceland, which garnered international attention, including endorsements from Marina Abramovic who mentored the project, and Björk, who listed Ravenna as an inspirational young artist in The Guardian after attending the premier. Also a sometime filmmaker, she has made music videos and short films with JFDR, Jodie Landau, Johanna Warren, K Á R Y Y N , and Sóley. She holds a BFA in Acting from the California Institute of the Arts, is currently pursuing a MFA in Live Performance at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, and has been a member of the Reclaiming community for 5 years, where she has been a student teacher and priestess in different areas of the west coast.

Ravenna has taught us so much about sovereignty, what it is to reclaim ourselves, and how to treat ourselves as sacred. Her passion for craft and talent for all things spoken and sacred is contagious. Thank you Ravenna for showing us how to reclaim the “Witchy AF” part of ourselves. How as priestesses we magnify our presence in sacred space. How to be more honest and courageously vulnerable. How this showing up as ourselves is an essential part of priestessing a ritual.

Thank you also for your relentless support of who we are and what we bring to the world. Your mentorship is felt by us even from across the globe. We love and adore you.
?by Dagny Gisladottir

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