We are so honoured to share with you today the beloved Gerri Ravyn Stanfield for our Sacred Mentor Series.

Gerri Ravyn Stanfield, LAc​. ​ is a healer of body, mind and spirit; an inventive author, innovative acupuncturist, and international educator; dedicated to liberating the sacred leadership abilities and super powers within each of us.
Ravyn’s first book, Revolution of the Spirit: Awaken the Healer is available at www.gerriravynstanfield.com. Her essays, articles, and creative nonfiction have been published in magazines, anthologies, and other publications.

Ravyn is the Executive Director of Acupuncturists Without Borders, a non-profit that creates mobile healing clinics in response to traumatic events and natural disasters. In 2013, she traveled to Nepal with AWB to train practitioners to provide acupuncture to women and children recovering from sex and organ trafficking. Now, she helps create healing exchange programs all over the world that support local healers in offering time-honored and sustainable medicine to their communities.

In her private acupuncture practice, Ravyn specializes in the treatment of chronic pain, and trauma recovery. She treats sexual disorders, symptoms of menopause, and stress disorders including anxiety, insomnia and depression. She blends acupuncture, herbs, and massage with principles of Neidan (Taoist alchemy) and Jungian psychology to facilitate transformation on a holistic level. ​She ​received her Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine at the International Institute of Chinese Medicine.

Ravyn is a cultural alchemist, ready to transform the heartbreak of living in our modern world and reveal the gold in what seems worthless. She creates ceremony and ritual art, weaving poetry and performance into contemporary offerings of the human imagination. She uses her background in traditional medicines, neurobiology, psychology, theatre, and creative writing to coax more of the extraordinary into the world through the cracks in Western civilization.

Lisa trained in Sacred Leadership with Gerri Ravyn Stanfield but feels like she’s been learning from Ravyn since she read Revolution of the Spirit – over and over again. Ravyn has taught Lisa what it means to lead with authenticity and spirit; how showing up in this way is the highest form of activism. Words cannot express how deeply grateful we are for this brilliant and dedicated leader.