You are sacred.

Everything in your life has prepared you for this moment, and the next – we are all on this sacred journey together.

Sometimes a little magic and divine guidance can help us along the way.

Lisa has studied the art of Sacred Leadership within the Reclaiming Community since 2015 and recently completed 2 years of apprenticing in Sacred Leadership with Suzanne Sterling (Co-Founder of Off The Mat and world renowned ecstatic vocalist/invoker of the sacred) Seraphina Capranos (Herbalist, Homeopath, and Educator) Willow Kelly, Robert Birch, and Gerri Ravyn Stanfield. She is grateful to weave the magic of earth based spirituality with divination, spell craft,  intuitive insight, and somatic connection to support all individuals on the path of rediscovering their own divinity. 

Intuitive guidance informed by science – infused with spirituality. 

Within the intuitive guidance sessions we weave practical coaching methods, neurological-linguistic programming, the art and science of somatic techniques with magic making – calling upon the guidance of the divine and your own intuition to gain insight into what may be blocking you and what is serving your highest good.

The session may include: guided meditation, ritual technology, grounding exercises, tools for divination, and somatic experiencing to build upon your needs and goals. Sessions may address specific aspects of your life through the 8 domains of wellness: Emotional, Financial, Social, Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Occupational, and Environmental.

To prepare for our time together, please consider what questions you have and what areas of your life are calling for attention.

Suggested post-session actions may include:

  • spell crafting
  • ritual
  • reading
  • journalling
  • self-reflection
  • breath work
  • meditations
  • connecting with the elements
  • referral to supplement or herbal support (through a licensed professional)
  • nutritional shifts
  • seeking further guidance and allies
  • daily self care practices
  • self-regulation exercises

Intuitive guidance sessions are available both in-person and online. 


In this 15 minute mini session we will dive deep into your burning question. Right to the point, no frills. No recording provided.

Available: online only via zoom

Cost: $45


What is on your heart?

This 30 minute session is great for addressing a few questions. What is blocking your highest potential? Recording provided upon request.

Available: Online only via zoom

Cost: $80


Full Circle

This 60 minute session is designed to provide an interactive and holistic overview, touching on some or all of the 8 domains of wellness. Recording provided upon request.

Available: In-person or online via zoom

Cost: $120


{ Sacred } – sa·cred \ˈsā-krəd\ adj.

As defined by Sacred Recovery: highly valued and important; deserving great respect; worthy; perfectly imperfect; a simultaneous masterpiece and work in progress; deep belonging; divinely inspired; collectively connected.

See also – you, us, human being, mother nature, spirit, creator, the universe, everything.


A little goes a long way. It is recommended to wait an average of 4-6 months between sessions to allow for change and new possibilities to arise. If you wish to add intuitive guidance to a Recovery Coaching package, please contact us for custom offerings.

 All intuitive guidance sessions are subject​ to your personal interpretation of the experience. The information given is not meant to be a replacement for addiction treatment, or a substitute for medical, legal, business, psychological, or financial advice. The client is responsible for their actions and reactions post-session. If we feel an intuitive guidance session is not in our best interest or that of our client’s, we reserve the right to decline the request.