Sacred Prose

Get Grounded in Recovery

There are many ways to get grounded in recovery. Being outside and connecting with nature has exceptional restorative abilities. It does not take countless hours of being in the wilderness. An individual recovering from substance abuse or co-dependency can simply...

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You Don’t Need to FIND a Higher Power

You don't need to FIND a Higher Power. Hear me out on this one.   When I walked into my first Twelve-Step meeting I was broken. And absolutely terrified. The idea of a Higher Power or God was nearly revolting to me - why would I trust some power greater than...

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{ Fellowship } – fel·low·ship \ˈfe-lə-ˌship, -lō-\ noun.

Definition: a friendly relationship among people; the relationship of people who share interests or feelings; a group of people who have similar interests.

See also – collective, tribe.