Recovery is a sacred journey.


Recovery For Social Change

we are sacred.

Welcome human. You are sacred. You are your own spiritual authority. You are perfect in your imperfection.
It is an honour to have you with us.

Lisa Nixon

Lisa  is a person in long-term recovery from co-dependency.  She is an intuitive ninja who loves helping people remove what no longer serves them – She is passionate about creating sacred space and living authentically.

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Sacred Space

We want to witness your transformation from a human DOING to a human BEING. It is our jam, after all.

Are you ready? Let’s DO this. Together we will RECLAIM our recovery.

Lucy Price

Lucy is a person in long-term recovery from substance abuse and addiction. She is a spiritual gangster with plenty of street cred – Her holistic, straight shooting approach to healing is invaluable.

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{ Sacred } – sa·cred \ˈsā-krəd\ adj.

As defined by Sacred Recovery: highly valued and important; deserving great respect; worthy; perfectly imperfect; a simultaneous masterpiece and work in progress; deep belonging; divinely inspired; collectively connected.

See also – you, us, human being, mother nature, spirit, creator, the universe, everything.

We see our recovery as a gift + we are committed to a social change model.

We believe that working as a collective community, we can truly make a change. At Sacred Recovery we give you the opportunity to contribute to the recovery of others, while taking exceptional care of yourself.

We donate

10% of all product proceeds towards programs and resources for those suffering from addiction

We offer

sliding scales to cultivate diversity and make our offerings accessible to all income levels.

We spend

10% of our time volunteering in our community

An important part of justice is access + we stand for leveraging our privilege to support others.

Items Donated

Hours Donated

Dollars Donated

The 5 Love Languages & Codependency

Personal relationships with significant others, family members and loved ones can be some of the most triggering and challenging experiences that individuals in recovery from codependency and addiction encounter. In my own experience with codependency, developing...

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Get Grounded in Recovery

There are many ways to get grounded in recovery. Being outside and connecting with nature has exceptional restorative abilities. It does not take countless hours of being in the wilderness. An individual recovering from substance abuse or co-dependency can simply...

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You Don’t Need to FIND a Higher Power

You don't need to FIND a Higher Power. Hear me out on this one.   When I walked into my first Twelve-Step meeting I was broken. And absolutely terrified. The idea of a Higher Power or God was nearly revolting to me - why would I trust some power greater than myself? I...

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